Hello Alers Martial Arts Family,


 We are excited to be back to business this Tomorrow, Tuesday May 26th! Governor DeSantis and Broward County have allowed gyms to open back up, under certain safety guidelines. We will have some changes, please view the current schedule at AlersMartialArts.com and read below for some new procedures:


First and foremost, you should only plan on attending live classes if you are in good health, with no flu-like symptoms (coughing, fever, etc.).


Upon entering the gym you will be asked to sign a COVID 19 waiver, get your temperature checked and we will ask every member to wash or sanitize their hands prior to class (and you probably should after class as well). We have hand sanitizer in the front office ready for entering and leaving the gym. 


Classes will be 45 minutes to allow a few extra minutes for cleaning and so that there is less congregating between classes. We ask that you arrive no more than 10 minutes prior to the start of your class time. All members should enter through the front entrance, and exit out the side door.  It is probably ok to talk with your friends outside of the in the parking lot while being separated by a car length or 2 but we need to avoid gathering inside for now (Sorry).


 We ask that you bring only what you need into the building, including your own full water bottle. Please arrive dressed for class, we want to minimize waiting in line for the restroom to change.


 We have workout areas taped off to minimize the amount of shared space during class. 


  • For Jiu-jitsu: If you are comfortable training with a partner, we suggest you plan with them beforehand and arrive together. You will share your assigned workout area. If you prefer to workout solo, you can bring your dummy*.

  • For Kickboxing: We have the gym set up with 10 bag stations, we plan to have one person per bag. If needed, we may double up some bags, only if both partners are comfortable doing so.

  • For Kids: Kids will work solo (or with a sibling if applicable) and should plan to bring their jiu-jitsu dummy* for jiu-jitsu class on Tuesdays and Thursdays. For now, parents will not be able to sit inside to watch class, but you can watch live on Zoom. We will walk the kids out the side door for parent pick up after class.

  • We will continue to stream our classes live via Zoom, and you have this option if you are not ready or able to attend live classes at this time.

For now, you will not need to sign-up for your classes ahead of time. However, if classes become too full, we are prepared to set up an online class sign up. We will only be open for current members for the time being, no trial classes or visitors for now.


One thing to think about: Some of our members may not be comfortable coming back and that is 100% their prerogative. Some that do come back may want more social distancing or no fist bumps so please respect that. 



Thank you all for your patience, we are so grateful for each and every one of our members who stuck with us through this unexpected situation! See you at the gym!




*If you or your child has not made a jiu-jitsu dummy, please see this link on how to make one using your Gi:  https://youtu.be/DbJt0IM8tAc


-Jim Alers


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